Friday, May 3, 2013

Chat with Enrique on (May 2, 2013)

Q: Euphoria: Hi Enrique.  Would you ever host SNL? thanks so muchA: I think that would be fun
Q: Ramisha: 1: How often do you go to the gym? 
2: How is Elvira? I hope she is doing okay… 
3: When was the last time you gave yourself a good heart to heart?
4: Do you ever feel the need to give yourself a good kick up the backside? (Rear end, bum, ass.)
A: If possible I try to do some sort of work out every day.  I have my own little routine…
Q: Soheyla Shin: Hi Enrique! What kind of movies do you like? Love You
A: I love comedies and action movies.  I can’t wait for Hangover 3 to come out.  I met Ken Jeong when we both did the George Lopez show and we’ve been friends ever since.  He’s a great guy and was nice enough to do a cameo in the “I Like How It Feels” video. 
Q: Irinka: Enrique! Thanks for your talent. Your music made happen a miracle, and it changed my life and really helped me with my work. I am a special educator. 2 years ago I started to work with one little girl. Everyone were saying, that she is a “vegetable”, that she hasn’t chance to be taught to do anything. It was difficult. But as soon as she heard the song “Free” on my phone, and I saw her smile, her reaction, I understood what should I do.. I learned a lot from it, and the girl was trying hard for wo years. Everyone thought that I am crazy when I said that she can learn. A month ago the experts viewed the video and agreed with us. It showed us that there are many of such kids. I found the main inspiration of my life, and your music helped me to do it
A: Thanks so much for this story Irinka.  That is really touching…
Q: Abeera: When you were young, who was your hero? 
A: I’ve always looked up to The Boss (Bruce Springsteen). 
Q: Holly Stebbins: I already know how I’d describe you ;) But, if you could describe your personality in a couple of words what would you say? And what’s your favorite eye color?
A: I’m kind of a nerd believe it or not.  LOL
Q: Quizasman: When is the new album coming out and the tour gonna start? Miss you so much….
A: I miss you guys too.   Keep an eye out but I hope it’s sooner than you think. 
Q: Mary: Do you sing in the car?
A: All the time Mary.  Do you?
Q: Abeera: Hi Enrique! How are you today? When you’re home and not touring, do you find it difficult to adjust to a calm, relaxing environment? :)
A: I’m doing great.  It’s raining in Miami right now.   Not really.  I Iove being home…
Q: Euphoria: Do your dogs like your music? :) Love Jack in the photo
A: I sure hope so.  Jack says thank you.
Q: Mary: Favorite Vacation spot?
A: I love going back home to Spain or anywhere close to the water…
Q: June: Hi Enrique what`s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
A: One time in LA I invited a few fans on stage.  About 100 came up and we had to stop the show for 20 minutes.
Q: Euphoria: Have you taught Jack how to type yet? LOL
A: No, but I just taught him a new trick.  I still have to post the video.  I’ll try to do that next week.  
Q: Linda Vittrup Skov: Hi Enrique :-) 
If you weren’t famous, what do you think you were doing for a living today? 
- Linda
A: Hi Linda,  I’m not sure but something involved with music
Q: Virgilio Seabra: Are you in Miami ????
A: Yes

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